Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Big Apple Donuts and Coffee

Monday is my off day, I can relax @ home while others having their monday blue ... :P
However, I am working while others relax @ home during weekend.

Yesterday noon, my boy friend and me were shop around @ Midvalley and The Garden. Although it was a working day, the malls were crowded as usual.

We had our high tea @ the Big Apple Donuts and Coffee in The Garden.

Which favour do you prefer? It's hard to decide, I wish I can try all of it!
They are Mango Tango,Whitnut, Say Cheese, Kiwi Blitz, Moon Raker and Californian Almond.
This is my favourite, Whitnut! I like the peanut butter so much.

Where else to find BIG APPLE?

The price board.
a box of 12 pcs : RM17
a box of 6 pcs : RM9.50
2 boxes of 6 pcs : RM19
per pcs: RM2


Zooropa said...

Oh I always thought these doughnuts are very very expensive since I never bought it, it's either my bro or hubby bought but I never ask them the exact price. So, I'll buy it later! hehehe.....


FL Sam said...

Tim likes Donuts too. We had Big Apple last Saturday too at Niu Ze Xui (牛车水)@ Ara Damansara. But too sweet for me.People are carzy about donuts this days with long queue especially JCo Donuts. :)

JO-N said...

I love the one with peanut butter too. There's always a long queue, eh?

SuhChing said...

Dora: Before this, I also thought the donuts are expensive. Then we found the prices are reasonable :)

Uncle Sam:Ya, I read it from Tim's blog about the visit to Niu Ze Xui and the Donut. I think the almond and the Say Cheese are less sweet compare to other favour.

Jo-N: same taste with you! :) Ya, always a long Q.

Sweetiepie said...

oh man!you make me mouth watering now.wow!I can't believe there are lots of crazy donut eater.yum yum feel like making one.I always found it 's too sweet with toppings.I prefer the plain donut.

Sweet Jasmine said...

is this as good as J.co....but it looks almost alike.....

SuhChing said...

Sweetiepie : Haha..I like plain donut with some sugar on it.

Sweet jasmine: I am not sure is it at par with J.co, I will find it out!

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