Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Love without condition

My seniors, Joo Sah and Tong Wei from Buddhist Society of Malaya University, are getting married on 8th March 2008!

Their wedding theme is "Love without condition/爱无条件". Lets find out how they define it:
"You may or may not agree that most people's love towards their partner comes together with expectations and condition. When our demands and expectations are fulfilled then only we love our partner. In the long run, such love will slowly be overshadowed by the "self" within us, and soon all the sweet promises and vows would be left behind. True love is love without condition. We unconditionally wish our partner to be well and happy, be free of suffering. We feel happy for them whenever they are happy, and we do not ask for anything in return after showering them with love. This unconditional love is the highest love. We dare not say that the love between us is love without condition, but it is an ideal that we vow to learn and achieve hand in hand..."

I was so impressed by their words, they had found their true love :)

Wishing them a
house full of sunshine, hearts full of cheer, love that grows deeper each day of the year.

Find out their love story in their wedding website:
Love without Condition

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Depressed Little Prince

This is an interactive website on depression from Hong Kong. You can get to know more about depression in an interesting way.

Just follow the journey of the Depressed Little Prince and give simple responses when necessary. At the end, you will able to know what is depression, ways to overcome it, who can help and many more useful knowledge on depression. You can also check your emotional health here.

(In English & Mandarin)

24 handy lemon tips

Lemons - the versatile fruit

Lemons - a fruit with a wonderful fragrance, great in food and beverages, but also very handy for multiple purposes around the home!

Lemons have been cultivated by humans for over a thousand years. The fruit in mentioned in tenth century Arabic literature, but was probably first grown in Assam, India.

Lemons are high in vitamin C, have an anti-bacterial effect and are thought to posess antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties. The juice consists of about 5% acid, which also makes them useful for a variety of household purposes.

Selecting and storing lemons

The best lemons are those that have smooth, oily skins and are heavy for their size. They should be bright yellow with no green tinges. Lemons will keep for up to a week at room temperature, two to three weeks refrigerated. Lemon zest (peel) can be frozen for months.

Juicing lemons

To get the most juice from a lemon, it should be allowed to reach room temperature, or microwaved for a few seconds prior to juicing. Using your palm to roll the lemon on a hard surface can also help improve juice yields. If you only need a little juice, some people pierce the end with a fork, squeeze the amount needed, cover the holes with tape and then store in the fridge.

There's so much more to lemons than just using them in cooking and making lemonade! Here's a selection of handy tips. Remember to test in inconspicuous areas first.

Ant deterrent

Pouring lemon juice around areas that ants frequent is said to repel them.

Air freshener

An equal amount of lemon juice and water added to an atomizer will create a wonderful synthetic chemical-free green air freshener for your home.

All purpose cleaner

Again, an equal amount of lemon juice and water added to a spray bottle is an effective kitchen and bathroom cleaner and can also be used on walls (spot test first).

A small amount of lemon juice can also be added to vinegar based cleaning solutions to help neutralize the smell of the vinegar.


Heat a bowl of water and lemon slices in your microwave for 30 seconds to a minute; then wipe out the oven. Stains will be easier to remove and old food odors neutralized.


Half a lemon stored in your fridge will help control and eliminate unpleasant smells.


Rub a lemon juice and baking soda paste onto chrome or copper, rinse and then wipe/buff with a soft cloth or paper towel.


Mix 1/2 cup borax and a cup of lemon juice for a powerful toilet cleaner that will leave it smelling extra clean!

Lime scale

Use a half lemon to clean the lime scale off a sink or taps/faucets; rinse well.


For bleaching purposes, add 1/2 cup of lemon juice to the rinse cycle and hang clothes outside to dry.

A teaspoon of lemon juice thrown into your wash can also help your clothes to smell fresher.


A teaspoon of lemon juice added to your dishwashing detergent can help boost grease cutting power


Hot lemon juice and baking soda is a good drain cleaner that is safe to use in septic systems.

If you have a garbage disposal unit, throw in some lemon peel from time to time while it's working in order to keep it smelling fresh.

Chopping boards

Rub lemon juice into your wooden chopping board, leave overnight and then rinse. Wood chopping boards appear to have anti-bacterial properties anyway, but the lemon will help kill off any remaining nasties and neutralize odors.

Glass and mirrors

4 tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with half a gallon of water makes an effective window cleaner


Straight lemon juice can be used as a general degreaser


2 parts olive oil or cooking oil mixed with 1 part lemon juice makes for an excellent furniture polish!


To lighten hair, dampen it with lemon juice and sit out in the sun for an hour. This does work, I tried it myself. Hey, it was the 80's!

I've read that the juice of a lemon mixed with one cup warm water makes for a great hair conditioner. It should be allowed to stay in your hair for a few minutes then washed off. Exercise caution if you have a sensitive scalp.

Cuts, stings and itches

A small amount of lemon juice pour onto minor wounds can help stop bleeding and disinfect the injury (it will sting a bit). Lemon juice applied to itches, poison ivy rashes and wasp stings is said to relieve discomfort.


A 50/50 mixture of lemon juice and water makes for an effective mouthwash.


The smell of fish can linger on your hands, even after scrubbing with soap - rubbing your hands with lemon juice will neutralize the smell and leave your hands smelling wonderful.

Isn't it incredible how we have so many environmentally harsh cleaning chemicals in our homes when nature already offers most of what we need! Have some helpful hints for using lemons in and around the home? Please add them below!

Michael Bloch
Green Living
Green Living Tips is an online resource powered by renewable energy offering a wide variety of earth friendly tips, green guides, advice and environment related news to help consumers and business reduce costs, consumption and environmental impact on the planet.

Tag - 50 Questions

Dora tagged me this long meme. It is quite fun and help me to know myself better. Thanks Dora!


Just copy the questions and put in your answers and tag some blogging friends. Let’s see how well we can get to know each other.

1. Last person you had a deep and meaningful convo with? Reverend Shi Jue Xin
2. Where was the last place you went? jogging @ Gelora park this morning
3. If you could be with your first love, would you? yes, my first love lasting for 5 years till now
5. Who was your first crush???? The classmate sitting behind me in form 3
6. What was the last thing you highlighted? An article about brahmavihara
7. Who is the last baby that you held? Lavender Chen
8. Do you know of any twins with rhyming names? yes.
9. Are you ticklish? Nope.
10. Have you ever worn a crown? no.
11. Last time you saw fireworks? Infront my house, on the 9th day of CNY.
12. Who is the last person you hugged? Lavender Chen, a cute baby i hugged few minutes ago
13. Do you have a black dog? No.
14. Do you have a little black dress? Yes, but not totally black
15. What are you wearing right now? T-shirt and track bottom
16. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Donald
17. Do you like coffee? Yes.
18. Are you missing someone? Yeap.
19. Reason behind why you last cried? reading an affecting story
20. How much cash do you have on you? about RM200.00.
25. How many rolls of film do you need to get developed? Don't have any
26. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to change a regret? 1 Million
27. What’s on your mind right now? I want to drink Malta
28. Do you have a deep dark secret? Nope.
29. Do you wish you were with someone right now? Yes.
30. Who was the hottest teacher you ever had? Dr Jenny
31. What was the last thing you ever got grounded for? Nope.
32. What was your childhood nickname? Ah Ching, Mei mei
33. Do you have any strange phobias? no
34. Have you ever played naked twister? never.
36. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child? Scary dream
38. Is there anybody you just wish would fall off the planet? No.
39. Do you crack your knuckles? No.
40. What’s one thing that can always be found in your refrigerator? Maggie Tomato Sauce
41. What color are your bed sheets? Purple & pink.
42. How many kids do you plan on having? 2 or 3
43. What did you do today? jogging, blogging, taking care of baby
44. How would you like to die? Never think before, but wish to have less suffering
45. Have you ever been in love? Yes.
46. When is the last time you went out of the state (province)? 10th of February 2008
49. Do you judge people? sometimes
50. Generally, in life, what makes you happy? practicing dharma

I would like to pass this tag to meng hao & lele and Tim

Monday, February 25, 2008

strange RM5!!!

My dear grandma had show me a very special and strange Ringgit Malaysia bank note. I would like to share it with you all the very special RM5!!

My grandma found it in her house when she clean up the room. We wonder what had happened to it??

It was dwindled in size, curled up like cuttle.

Do you think it's look like the crocodile skin?

Compare with normal RM5 bank note.

Do you have any idea about what had happened to it?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Corn Pudding

Today, I would like to share with you a sweet and nice recipe of corn pudding, with minimal time consumed to prepare.

Ingredients :

1 tin of cream style sweet corn
1 tin of sugar
1 tin of custard powder
a pack of coconut milk and thin it with water (water + coconut milk = 6 tin)
a pinch of salt
Screwpine leave (pandan)

(use the sweet corn tin to measure the sugar, custard powder and water)

Firstly, I combined all the ingredients into a casserole. A wooden spatula was used to mix the ingredients before heating it up.

After put it over medium heat, kept on stiring to avoid the mixture get crumbled at the bottom.

Then, the mixture became thicken and bubbles formed on the surface. When mixture turned shiny, pandan leave were added. I stirred it for another 5 minutes. The pandan leave were removed.

Finally, the mixture was poured into mould tray and leaf to harden in room temperature.
Do not chill when hot!!!

It is pretty easy, you can try it on your own!!

Gelora Park (Taman Gelora) @ Kuantan

I would like to introduce you all a nice place, Gelora Park, which is a favourite recreational spot for families at weekends in Kuantan.

Various sport activities could be done here including jogging, aerobic dance, exercising, tennis, beach volleyball, bicycling etc.

Gelora Park, with its well laid-out trail for jogging and walking. Specially-designed exercise stations are placed at various locations along the trail.

There is a pebble-studded walkway to give feet a good reflexology workout.

You can also stroll around the lake that is covered with water lilies and lotus plants.

A short bridge across the lake.

Do try the famous curry puff, which I had recommended in my previous post.

The Gelora Park is a pleasant place to unwind for the weekend!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Do you dare to swim at the edge of Victoria Fall??

Victoria fall, situated in South Africa between the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The fall has a width of 1.7 kilometres and a height of 108 metres (360ft).

Do you dare to swimming at the edge of the fall and look over into the depths below?

According to Maniac World ,from September to December, due to low water levels, it is possible to swim at the edge of the falls in a naturally formed safe pool, accessed via Livingstone Island.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Curry Puff -- Taman Gelora, Kuantan

When talk about Taman Gelora, people will think of beautiful seaside, jogging track, pinaster, lotus pond, hanging bridge....and CURRY PUFF!!

After attending the CNY celebration on Sunday, we went to jogging @ Taman Gelora in the evening. Firstly, my younger brother refused to follow us. However, he changed his mind when we mention about the curry puff. lols

There is a small stall selling curry puff in the car park opposite to IKIP college.
It's always "self-service", you don't have to tell the makcik how many curry puff you want. All you need to do is stand there, with a plastic bag in your hand and grab the curry puff. It's sound easy, but you may just manage to get 2 or 3 in each round due to too many customer waiting there with their plastic bag in hand too.

If you not able to grab as much as you want, don't worry. Just wait for a few minutes for the next round. While waiting, you can view the making of curry puff by the experienced makcik.

We able to grab 10 curry puff within 2 rounds. It's hot and really crispy. Yummy! Each curry puff cost RM0.60.

You can take away or having there.

The making of Curry Puff! Waiting for second round with plastic bag(half-filled with curry puff) and a clamp in hands.

Yummy! Hot and Crispy!

This yummy curry puff had been recommended by Real Malaysia too!
The following is the information from the site: click here

Curry puff or fondly known as ‘karipap’ is a Malaysian and Singaporean snack which is of Malay origin. It consists of specialized curry with chicken and potatoes prepared on a roasted bread crust.

The yummy Taman Gelora's curry puff is just something that one could not miss when you are here in Kuantan. The stall operates under the shady trees close to beach. You may enjoy some fresh sea breeze, and at the same time the famous chicken curry puff that costs you 50 cents each.

Freshly fried hot and mouth-watering curry puff is what you have to expect. Unlike some other curry puffs you found at other Malay stalls, you can feel that you have a mouthful of chicken slices and potatoes when giving this lovely curry puff a bite.

The stall opens at around 3pm and closes whenever the food is all sold. Do turn up earlier to enjoy the curry puff as it’s quickly snap up within hours.

So do enjoy yourself with the curry puff and sea breeze when visiting Taman Gelora, Kuantan!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kuantan Kwong Siew Association CNY celebration 关丹广肇会馆新春大团拜

Last Sunday, daddy brought us to a CNY celebration in Lee Yuan Restaurant, organized by Kuantan Kwong Siew Association.

Most of the members bring along their family. Special seats with round table were reserved for the old folks.

Wonderful performances and games were prepared to entertain the guests.

Delicious food were provided. All the guests Q up in good order.

Yii..... 3 "big head buddha" !! Hehe, that are Donald, me and my daddy!

We enjoy a lot in this event :)

CNN : Major quake hits western Indonesia

(CNN) -- A major earthquake shook western Indonesia on Wednesday afternoon, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

The magnitude 7.5 quake's epicenter was about 195 miles (315 km), south-southeast of Banda Aceh, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the USGS said on its Web site.

A 2004 earthquake near Banda Aceh killed hundreds of thousands of people. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii issued a local tsunami watch for the area -- normal protocol in such instances.

It is up to local governments to issue tsunami warnings. There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage, according to Indonesian national radio.

The December 26, 2004 earthquake registered 9.0 -- the strongest quake in 40 years -- and was centered about 100 miles from Banda Aceh.

The 2004 quake caused a tsunami that affected the entire Indian Ocean, leaving more than 300,000 people dead or still listed as missing, according to accumulated information from government and health officials, compiled by the United Nations.


There are several users of Chinese Cari Forum from Penang and Selangor said that they can felt the tremor of buildings around 4.20pm today. They suspected earthquake had occurred somewhere.

According to Malaysian Meteorological Department, a weak earthquake has occourced.

Issued by Malaysian Meteorological Department
Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation
at 5.40 pm 20/02/2008

This is a revision of the earthquake information issued at 5.35 pm.
A weak earthquake has occurred with these revised parameters:
Time of Occurrence : 5.11 pm on 20 February 2008
Coordinates : 2.9 North 97.8 East
Location : Northern Sumatera,127km southweast of Medan,Indonesia. 383km southweast of B.Lepas.
Magnitude : 4.9 on Richter scale

No tsunami threat

Alphabet meme

flsam tagged me this meme which is very simple. Thanks, uncle Sam!
I would like to invite the below bloggers to join us.

menghao & lele
Chang Ye
Chyn Yeh
Hung Hui

Rule #1

Copy all the links below and replace a single link under the appropriate alphabet. If your domain name, or even the title of your blog, starts with an "A," you'd replace the link under that alphabet and put the replaced link at the bottom. Also, don't forget to credit the tagger, or where you got the list from, at the end of the list with a full URL of the post so that a pingback gets generated.

1. A.
2. B.
3. C.
4. D.
5. E.
6. F.
7. G.
8. H.
. I.
10. J.
11. K.
12. L.
13. M.
14. N.
15. O.
16. P.
17. Q.
18. R.
19. S.
20. T.
21. U.
22. V.
23. W.
24. X.
25. Y.
26. Z.

Replaced link:
Previous tagger:

Rule #2

You now have to "tag" at least five people and encourage them to participate so that this thing spreads like a virus. Remember, though, that not everyone's into these kinds of things, so don't be upset if they don't participate. Just simply replace your tag. Remember to tag blogs only and no pornographic ones as we do want to keep the integrity as a blogging community.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Popular Hong Kong entertainer Lydia Shum dies at 60 肥姐沈殿霞逝世,终年60岁

HONG KONG (AFP) — Veteran Hong Kong entertainer Lydia Shum died Tuesday aged 60 after a battle with liver cancer, her employer and local media said.

Shum, known for her bouffant hairstyle and wing-tip frame glasses, was one of Hong Kong's most popular actresses and comediennes with a career spanning more than four decades.

Affectionately nicknamed by her fans "Fei Fei" which means "fat" in Cantonese because of her plump physique, Shum won over audiences not only in Hong Kong but in mainland China and Chinese communities around the world.

Shum had been undergoing medical treatment since being diagnosed with the disease more than a year ago.

But in recent weeks, her health had worsened and she was moved into intensive care at Queen Mary Hospital where she passed away, Hong Kong media reported.

Her 21-year-old daughter Joyce Cheng arrived in the hospital but would not speak to the media.

"We can confirm she has died," said Winnie Ho, a spokeswoman for her employer, local television station TVB.

Leading figures in Hong Hong, including the city's chief executive Donald Tsang, paid tribute to the respected entertainer.

"I feel very sad about her death. Fei Fei is Hong Kong's 'happy fruit'. Hong Kong people have grown up with her laughter and she had brought a lot of happiness to us," Tsang said.

"On behalf of the government and Hong Kong citizens, I would like to pay condolences to her family."

Born in Shanghai in 1947, Shum took up acting as a child in the early 60s and quickly became popular thanks to her high spirit and sense of humour.

She went on to star in more than 70 movies, according to Internet Movie Database, and later hosted numerous variety shows produced by TVB, most notably the popular "Enjoy Yourself Tonight."

The actress is survived by Joyce Cheng and her former husband -- actor and singer Adam Cheng Siu-chow.



Monday, February 18, 2008

Taiwan Trip -- Taipei (4) 2007海外华裔青年台湾观摩团之台北篇4


0800-2300 Free Time 自由时间

Having breakfast in Restaurant Ying He Soya Bean 在著名的永和豆浆大王用早餐


Good bye taiwan! 再见啦!

Taiwan Air Port 台湾机场


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