Sunday, February 10, 2008

1st Day of CNY 大年初一

First day of CNY, the first thing I do after awake was search for "ang pao" under my pillow. From childhood, our parent will stealthily put two ang pao (ya sui qian) under our pillow after we fall asleep in the midnight of the 1st day of CNY. This is a traditional practice which means hoping the children having a safety year. For me, this is a meaningful practice. I can strongly felt the blessing and the love of my parent.Although I had grew up,I still hoping my parent will continue this practice on me.

During CNY, people will greeting each other with well-wishing. I sincerely wishing my parent and family members have a better year ahead, have good health , safe, happy always......

We having our breakfast while listen to CNY songs from the FM. Our food for CNY breakfast are various type of tasty CNY cookies and biscuit. The most popular in my house is definitely the home made pine apple biscuit and the native"keropok".

11am,my old friends visit to my house. Everyone wearing new cloth, dress up nicely and lovely. As we grew up, the friends staying in Kuantan are lesser. However, we still carry on our practice as last time by visiting friends' houses one by one. I am really excited and enjoy to gather with old friends. For now,our topic were more on working life instead of study life. I really feel thankful for having all these SMK Alor Akar friends, you will definitely feel happy and cheerful to be with them. Most of them are humorous and friendly.

Besides visiting my friends, I also visit my relatives, especially the uncle and grandma staying next door.

Today, I had asking for forgiveness from my parent. It is a good practice in buddhism and also commonly practiced by Malay during their Hari Raya. I think that we should always asking for forgiveness for all the mistake we had done in the past. Besides asking for forgiveness, we should try to avoid the same mistake in the future.

I had gain about 15 ang pao today! Thanks a lot! :)




11am,我的一班好友就来我家拜年啦!大家都穿新衣,打扮得美美帅帅的。随着年龄的增长,留在关丹的朋友也逐渐减少了。虽然阵容不如往年,但也不影响我们拜年的兴致。就这样一家又一家的拜年。见回老朋友,真开心啊!大家的话题都不在围绕在学业了,而多是谈工作、谈未来。当然,Alor Akar这班兄弟决少不了开玩笑!




My elder brother, elder brother's wife, mom, daddy,younger brother and me!

Asking for forgiveness from parent.

Alice and me in new dress. A bit looking like ancient Korean dress.


Totoro Soya said...

Waaaah! your drees very beautiful so as look like 孔雀。:)

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