Monday, February 18, 2008

Taiwan Trip - Mt. A-Li, Sun-Moon-Lake , Pu-Li 2007海外华裔青年台湾观摩团之阿里山,日月潭,埔里篇

25/12/2007 (二)
Tseng-wen/Mt. A-Li 曾文/阿里山

1300-1630 Sightseeing at A-Li-Shan Forest Park阿里山生态之旅

The wood naturally look like a pig. Can you see it?

1800-1900 Dinner 晚餐

Accomodation : Li Xing Hostel


26/12/2007 (三)
Mt. A-Li/ Sun-Moon-Lake 阿里山/日月潭
0430-0800 Sightseeing at Mt. A-Li Sunrise Scene 观赏阿里山日出奇景
This is the railway station

1200-1300 Lunch 午餐

1400-1530 Visit to National Chi-Nan University参访暨南大学
1530-1730 Sightseeing at Sun-Moon-Lake Scenic Area 日月潭环湖

1800-1900 Dinner 晚餐

Accommodation : Sun Moon Lake Youth Activity Center


0900-1030 Sightseeing at Pu-Li Taiwan Paper Factory Scenic Area 广兴纸厂传统技艺DIY

1030-1130 Sightseeing at Pu-Li Scenic Area参访埔里酒厂

1200-1300 Lunch 午餐

1300-1700 Visit to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village 九族原住民文化村之旅

Sun-Moon-Lake, Taipei 日月潭/台北
0830-0930 Visit to Wen-Wu Temple参访文武庙

1300-1400 Lunch 午餐
Travel back to Taipei 返台北


FL Sam said...

How many days was you trip? Look like you visited many places. I have been to Sun Moon Lake, probably 25 years ago.:)

SuhChing said...

I traveled for 21 days. :) If Tim is free during the holiday in the end of the year, he can try to apply for it. Usually, people can start to apply in May. You can get the information from this website

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