Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I miss my family

My brother and wife were visit to Kuala Lumpur last weekend to attend their friend's wedding. I was so happy and touched when I saw what they brought for me from hometown, Kuantan which is 259km away from KL.

2 bottle of "Lo Han Guo" chinese herbal tea 罗汉果凉茶. One for me and one for Donald. My mom boil it in the midnight.

2 pack of herbal as the ingredient of herbal soup. My mom worry if I lack of good nutrition as I always eat outside food in KL. I had cook 1 pack of it during my off day.

Pineapple tart baked by mom.

My favourite, “Yong Bitter Gourd" 酿苦瓜 (the one in red plastic bag). Many youngster do not prefer bitter gourd, but I like it very much. The food cook by mom is always the best in the world! I share it with my house mate and all of them like it too!

I miss my family so much!

Although I can't see them everyday, I will call them everyday to share my life with them.

Since I was in secondary school, my family members were familiar with most of my friends.

When I study in MU , I was active in Buddhist Society. I always share with my mom what activities I had attend and told her what I learned.

When I came to working life, I still keep on our daily conversation and share my working life with them.

When we were small, we always report every single thing happened in school to our parents. What my teacher teach today....what my friends said to me....

However, most of us do not prefer to share everything in our life to parents as we grown up. We hope our parents do not ask so many question on us.
We will said : "Ok!Ok! I am no longer a kid, I know what to do."...."Don't worry, I have my own way to settle it".....

I always remind myself do not treat my family like that. We should maintain the pure heart like a kid. In parents prospective, we are always small children. As they growing old, they still hope they can protect and take care of their children. We should not ignore this and let them feel they cannot partake their children life anymore. We should always share our life with them and asking for their opinion and advices.

Many people think that pay back our parents by giving them money is the best way. Definitely it is not. We should share our life, although we cannot meet everyday.

Daddy mommy I love you! : )

Wish all of you happy and good health.


FL Sam said...

Wow, your parents so concern and thoughtful of you. I will be going back Kuantan/Sg Lembing this Friday and Back Kl on Saturday for Cheng Beng.

Parental love is the greatest love in the world. A sound person who grew up with parental love understands what love is. Because children love their parents, they come to learn love from their experience of loving parents. That is the highest joy for children. Without having parents, we never experience love.


SuhChing said...

uncle sam : Go on Friday and back on Saturday? Why not stay longer?
I am sure that Tim enjoying the highest love from you and your wife too. :)

JO-N said...

Suh Ching, parents are the two devas in our house and we should indeed treat them well. You are a kind person.

Dina said...

Sounds like a lot of love and respect for your parents. That;s very good. They must be real loving parents too.

SuhChing said...

JO-N: Ya, they are deva. Thanks. You are a kind mommy, we knew that you shower your children with the highest love. :)

Dina: Do you have children?

Zooropa said...

Oh yes we must always care for them alth working/studying far. Cheers, hv a nice weekend!


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