Thursday, April 03, 2008

happy time @ Jo-N's house warming party.

Congratulations to Jo-N, who had just move into her new and nice virtual home for a week. I attend her house warming party and meet up with many many bloggers.
The address for her new house is I teleported to her house by just click on the address! Stunning!
I was welcomed by three cute children : Karl, Wayne and Nyn who were showered by love.
Jo-N and her hubby were busy in distributing wonderful and special door gifts to each of their guest. I got the "extraordinary blogger award". I like it , thank you very much!

Jo-N used to travel around and finding for delicious food. Therefore, she ordered variety of food from different places to share with all her guests. Yummy!!! To find out places to visit and food to taste, please feel free to click on

Then, I was invited to play Number Battlers with the children. I won for few rounds and got 2 other awards. Here they are!

If you or your children like to play game, must visit to

We really enjoy the house warming party, thanks for the door gifts, food and games. I will drop by to visit you and your family again!
See you!


JO-N said...

Suh Ching, thank you so much for dropping by. You have great imagination and I love your descriptions. Thank you once again.

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