Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mass Wesak for Collective Blessings 萬人浴佛聚福緣~系列慶典活動

Hi friends! Sorry for not updating my blog as I am quite busy these days.

May is coming soon, I think some of you may looking forward for the public holidays in May, which is Labour day and Wesak.

Here, I would like to share with you the information about a grand ceremony organised by Tzu Chi, "Mass Wesak for Collective Blessings "



The 42nd Anniversary of Tzu Chi Foundation will be globally celebrated in a grand ceremony of “Bathing The Buddha” to mark the three said occasions. Tzu Chi KL will celebrate the occasion with a “Mass Vesak for Collective Blessings” ceremony, to be held at the Bukit Jalil Stadium.



地點VenueBukit Jalil Car Park A


Healthy vegetarian foods will be served free; various organized activities as exhibitions, parent-child interactivities and health screen are in store for all.

Tzu Chi Foundation KL cordially invites the public to celebrate with us on this auspicious occasion. We would be deeply grateful for your kind presence.

台灣佛教慈濟基金會吉隆坡分會 敬邀

Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation(Kuala Lumpur Branch)


Let's join this grand event and celebrating Wesak day together with the brothers and sisters in the dharma :)


JO-N said...

Suhching, this is a wonderful event. I hope I'll be able to make it. It's a Sunday! Have to go after sunday dhamma school.

SuhChing said...

Jo-N:Yup, bring along your family too. :)

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