Friday, May 02, 2008

Blessing from Maha Sangha at Brickfield Buddhist Maha Vihara

Brickfield Buddhist Maha Vihara, one of the earliest buddhist temple in Malaysia, founded in 1984 in the brickfield area, which is very near to KL Sentral.

Tonight, we as Malayan University buddhist student, gather in Brickfield BMV for a very special event, which is the blessing puja for MU students who are going to graduate.

The puja was held under the bodhi tree, started at 7.30pm.

We offer flowers, water, fruits, sweet, candles....

My roomate, Sister Sook Kwan, lighting the lotus candle.

We start puja or chanting. Besides MU students, there are also sisters and brothers in the dhamma, and also maha sangha (monks).

A dhamma gift from maha Sangha (monks) : "Treasure of the Dhamma" and "You and Your Problems", both written by the late chief Rev. K. Sri Dhammananda.

Shrine hall of Brickfield BMV.

Buddha statue on the top of the building.

Actually, the evening puja is going on everyday 7.30pm in Brickfield BMV everyday. Do come and join and cultivate good karma.

May all be well and happy :)


JO-N said...

What a meaningful event. I have not been there but it looks so beautiful.

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